Clean Living Unrelated to Food

There are lots of things to think about when you’re trying to live clean. Food is a great place to start. Food is a huge piece that can take years to dial in and master. This part alone can be really overwhelming. Then you find out there’s more.

A lot of people, myself included, learn so many other things along the way that need attention in order to get to the next level of health. Reducing your toxic load from environmental factors is just as big as food. There are so many environmental toxins that are invisible to us, yet threaten us every single day.

Here are 5 ways you can start reducing your toxic load and start upgrading to a cleaner lifestyle. Reducing your toxic load is a primary, as it is an ongoing step for detoxification.

#1 Upgrade Your Water.

If you aren’t using a water filter by now, it’s time to start. Even if you think your tap water is suitable, the truth is, no matter where you live, there is a lot of room for improvement. Don’t believe me? Test your tap water with a simple $30 test kit to see what’s in it. Your water likely may test for lead, chlorine, and fluoride. Fluoride tests are generally sold separately.

If you are reading this and have a reverse osmosis system, (a system that removes fluoride among many other things), there are still some upgrades you can make. Since RO removes everything, it’s really important to add trace minerals and/or electrolytes to your water. Even a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt is a good idea.

#2 Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Some of the dirtiest air we breath is inside the home. There are lots of ways to clean up indoor air without expensive filtration systems, (although there are some great ones on the market). More cost-effective alternatives are as follows:

  1. Plants that clean the air! Some work harder at this than others. Here are some of the best and easiest to grow.
  2. Negative ion producers. Heard of salt lamps? They’re great and make great gifts too. But you can add negative ion technology to your living spaces in other ways. You can wear omitting devices on your person, get them for the car, as well as for the bedroom if you’re not into the look of salt lamps.
  3. Avoid chemicals in fabric softeners, detergents, household cleaners, chemicals found in bug sprays, and endocrine disrupting fragrances found in synthetic air fresheners, candles, perfumes, and hair and body products. What’s bad for you, is also bad for the environment. Avoidance is also earth friendly.
  4. Take your shoes off. It’s not just dirt you’re tracking in the house. Think about pesticides, bacteria from fecal matter, chemicals from asphalt sealants, and lead that commonly builds up in soil.
  5. Speaking of lead, this is a BIG deal. You can order kits online or find them at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. These kits are very user friendly and can quickly tell you if you need to engage in lead abatement inside the home.
  6. Burn some sage! This isn’t just for Shamans. Sage smoke actually cleans your air of many airborne pathogens. But yes, spiritual folks use sage to clear negative energy too.
  7. Open the windows. This is the quickest and cheapest way to clean up your indoor air. The best time to do this is just after a good rain when all the negative ion action is concentrated and free!

#3 Avoid Consuming Heavy Metals and Endocrine Disruptors Found in Plastics.

This goes beyond avoiding processed foods. Think about all the ways your food, water, and skincare come into contact with heavy metals and plastics before they come to you, simply due by the way they must be processed. Plastic wrap, plastic food storage containers, body product containers, coffee pots, flip flops, water bottles, toys, etc.

Think about aluminum cans, foil, and cookware used in restaurants to cook, store, and reheat food. Food from restaurants is often reheated in plastics and microwaves as well.

These factors may seem small but they add up. Avoiding aluminum and plastic is also much better for the environment. Use parchment paper as a non-stick layer between food and baking sheets instead of aluminum foil. Avoid plastic as much as possible. Use glass storage containers and refillable glass water bottles like these whenever you can.

#4 Avoid Synthetic Fabrics

If you’re not aware of this yet than the amount of chemicals in synthetic fabrics will shock you. Natural fibers are treated heavily too. Everything from towels to socks are treated with chemicals during and after processing. These chemicals contaminate our environment, and also can be absorbed or inhaled directly.

Synthetic fabrics are not just treated with chemicals, they are also made from them. Synthetic fabrics, the worst being polyester, is essentially made from plastic. When you choose polyester, not only are you contributing to an enormous environmental hazard, you are wearing a layer of chemicals that prevents your skin from breathing.

Buy less clothing over all, and when you do, aim for natural materials such as cotton, wool, and (authentic) silk.

Be sure to wash your new garments before wearing them.

#5 Boost Detox in Bigger Ways

There are lots of tools available to us that optimize bodily function. Below are some of my favorites. These aren’t just one trick ponies! Each provide a long list of benefits.

  1. Infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are now more affordable then ever and are so compact they can be tucked away and easily transported too.
  2. Earthing technology. Another reason to take your shoes off. Just like negative ion therapy, earthing products have just gotten better. Get a mat for your desk, or even a blanket to take with you when you travel.
  3. Fascia release. A huge detoxifier with the added bonus of being great for joints, muscle recovery, and cellulite. Look into myofacial release and at home devices like the fascia blaster.

I have heavily linked this article for your benefit. Dig in!

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