Medicinal Cocktails

2013-04-07 16.07.04Constantly I am making cocktails of supplements to hobby my undying curiosity for how food works.  I love the idea of food as medicine. I also love the idea of good-for-you libations. And when I think of good libations, my long-time friend Jamie Kilgore comes to mind. I have enjoyed many excellent cocktails with Jamie for she, is by trade, a seasoned mixologist. She along with her husband Ted have inspired countless ideas for medicinal cocktails.

We encourage you to boost and modify these drinks to fit your own needs. These drinks were chosen based on affordability and accessibility of key ingredients. Be sure to click on the highlighted words to learn more.

Cosmobucha2013-04-07 16.09.43

Serves 1

4 ounces GT Serenity kombucha, (ginger, cranberry, billberry, or original variety)

1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice (juice from about half a lemon)

½ teaspoon cranberry concentrate (not the same as cranberry juice)

Muddled pomegranates (optional)

 Spike it: 2 ounces Soju (Jinro), ¾ ounce Aperol

Pour kombucha into a highball or large juice glass. Combine lemon juice, cranberry concentrate, and muddle with pomegranate seeds if using. Add Soju and Aperole and stir or shake well. Pour into kombucha glass using a strainer (if using pomegranates) and stir gently to combine. Drink immediately

Blackberry Basil Fizz 2013-04-07 16.07.54

serves 1

8 ounces dry sparkling white such as cava or prosecco

4-6 fresh blackberries

5-7 fresh leaves of basil or leaves of fresh sage

Juice of half a lime

Spike it: 1 ounce tequila (we used Avion, 2 ounces sparkling dry white wine, ¾ ounce blackberry liquor, ¾ ounce lime juice, muddled with a pinch of pink salt.

Muddle together blackberries, basil and lime juice in the bottom of a stemless wine glass. Pour white wine or sparkling water over the fruit.

*Tomato Salad Smoothie2013-04-07 16.13.25

Great Bloody Mary stand in and way better for you than V8

Serves 2-3

3 medium (in season) tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes, quartered and seeded

1 large organic carrot broken into pieces

1 small stalk of organic celery, broken into pieces

1/2 a medium sized organic cucumber cut into large chunks

1-2 green onions

1 large handful of fresh parsley (optional)

1/2-1 small, mild to medium hot pepper or 1/4 teaspoon of powdered cayenne (optional)

Pink Himalayan sea salt or other unrefined mineral


Juice of one lime

Spike it: Add 2 ounces of good quality gin (we like Brokers Dry Gin for this), and 1/2 an ounce of dry vermouth. Shake or stir well with juice. Drink immediately.

Cut the lime in half and rub the cut side on the rim of a 12oz pint glass or collins glass. Sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of ground pink Himalayan sea salt, celtic salt, or black Hawaiian salt onto a shallow plate. Dip the rim of the glass into the salt until rim is coated with salt. Blend together all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Squeeze in lime juice. Drink immediately.

Note: to seed tomatoes, lay the tomato on its side and slice 1/2 inch under the core, removing the top of the tomato. Push your little finger down into the exposed seed chambers to remove the seeds. This is not necessary but essential for those who may be sensitive to nightshades.

*Requires a juicer or blender.

Mocktails by Jessica Idleman

Spiked by Jamie Kilgore

These recipes are just a taste of what’s to come. Want More? Post in the comments section below what kind of medicinal cocktails you are in to and what you would like to see more of. You can also sign up for Glow Nutrition’s newsletter to find out when Jamie and I will release our Medicinal Cocktails E-book. It’s coming very soon!


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