Spring Clean Your Body

Any effective cleanse focuses on the liver, and beet juice is a liver specialist.

Coming across my fair share of detox programs I have noticed the ones that work mostly share the same set of principles.

First principle, you have to cleanse for at least a week to have a lasting impact. Next come three true steps that must be the focus:

One: Reduce your toxic load.

Two: Drain lymph.

Three: Reset the metabolism.

Reduce Toxic Load:

-According to this article in “Natural News” the average woman applies 515 chemicals to her face daily. Simplify your beauty regimen by cutting back on all products and begin educating yourself on what’s in the products you can’t live without. There are cleaner alternatives to everything. Learn what’s in your favorite products here.

-Transition to chemical-free cleaning products.

-Avoid pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics in your food.

-Avoid cooking in Teflon and aluminum cookware.

-Invest in a water filtration system for the kitchen and use it exclusively to cook with and to drink. Adding a shower filter is even better.

Drain Lymph

Think of your lymphatic system like the drainage system in your body. If it’s backed up, soon so is everything else. There are three simple ways to drain lymph effectively.

1) Sip hot lemon water throughout each day of your cleanse.

2) Dry brush the entire body with a natural fiber brush moving in long upward strokes towards the heart. Spend extra time behind the knees, under the arms, and in the groin area to best stimulate lymph. Dry brushing is invigorating and exfoliates too.

3) Exercise alone is a powerful lymph stimulator but when you are exercising barefoot you are stimulating the plantar return reflex. This L shaped padding on the bottom of your foot ensures rapid lymph return to the heart.

Reset the Metabolism

Enjoy a plant based diet for a week and take a break from gluten, all sources of refined sugar, and all animal products including dairy. This is the first step to resetting your metabolism. The next step is to increase consumption of cleansing and thermogenic foods.

Cleansing foods

-Fresh lemon juice

-Fresh herbs (especially cilantro)

-Bitter leafy greens (arugula, watercress, dandelion)

Thermogenic foods

-Green tea



-Raw vinegars

Supplements that boost every cleanse

-Milk Thistle (75% silymarin or more)

-Vitamin D3 (4,000 IU daily)

More Resources for Safe Cleansing:

Dr. John Douillard

Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Mehmet Oz

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition


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