5 Salad Mistakes You Might Be Making

Salad mistakes go way beyond drowning veggies in processed salad dressings. A salad seems like such a simple dish right? Yet these mistakes are so common, salads often get a bad rap. Here’s how you fix them. Mistake #1: Not Branching Out Green food is beautiful! Beyond the usual romaine and butter leaf, there is… Continue reading 5 Salad Mistakes You Might Be Making

Grain Free Holiday Recipes Everyone Will Be Grateful For

Cornbread Stuffing Serves 12 1 recipe of day-old Flaxseed Cornbread 1lb of nitrate free, pasture raised sausage (pork, or turkey), optional 2 pasture raised, local eggs 3/4 of a stick of pasture raised, unsalted butter 3 leeks, white parts only, finely chopped 3 ribs of organic celery, finely chopped 1/2lb of shitake mushrooms, stemmed and… Continue reading Grain Free Holiday Recipes Everyone Will Be Grateful For

Trader Joe’s Treasure Hunting

Trader Joe’s provides some of the best prices and selection on organic produce and has some well-kept secrets too! Organic Produce        Fats Proteins Breads Pantry Staples       Fun Extras Hygiene  Wondering why some of your Trader Joe’s items didn’t make this list? Omitting obvious items like nuts and extra virgin olive oil… Continue reading Trader Joe’s Treasure Hunting

What’s Clean from Costco (A LOT)

Beverages Proteins Greens More Fresh Produce Frozen Greens Frozen Fruit Grains  Breads Nuts and Seeds   Staples Snacks Bonus Items   A Few Notes Costco carries a lot of organic items that you will not see on this list such as organic cane sugar and organic vodka. These items didn’t make my cut for obvious… Continue reading What’s Clean from Costco (A LOT)

How to Use Collagen

Collagen is so fun to play with in the the kitchen. When used regularly it not only is an excellent way to get more protein in your day but it is very effective at building stronger hair, skin, and nails. High quality grass-fed beef collagen or marine collagen is a superior upgrade to protein powders. It… Continue reading How to Use Collagen

3 Smoothie Recipes Using Acai, the Ultimate Beauty-Fruit

Acai is one of my favorite Amazon super-fruits.  Look for acai at your local health food store in the freezer section next to other frozen fruits.  Sambazon is one of the leading brands to look for.  You can also find acai in dehydrated form.  Dried acai can usually be located with other packaged super-foods, or… Continue reading 3 Smoothie Recipes Using Acai, the Ultimate Beauty-Fruit

A GF Doughnut Recipe That Really is as Good as it Gets

These babies take 20 minutes to make, are gluten free and offer about 2 grams each protein and sugar. A perfect gluten free snack and weekend breakfast treat. Be sure to click on the ingredients to find out more about their health benefits. Gluten Free Coconut Doughnut Holes Servings: 2 dozen doughnut holes 1/2 cup… Continue reading A GF Doughnut Recipe That Really is as Good as it Gets

Medicinal Cocktails

Constantly I am making cocktails of supplements to hobby my undying curiosity for how food works.  I love the idea of food as medicine. I also love the idea of good-for-you libations. And when I think of good libations, my long-time friend Jamie Kilgore comes to mind. I have enjoyed many excellent cocktails with Jamie… Continue reading Medicinal Cocktails